The Fire at Effingham

We are devastated to report that last Tuesday (21.04.20) there was a serious fire at our Effingham branch. Thankfully everyone is safe and well and no one was hurt in the blaze. However, as a result, we have been forced to close the shop temporarily but hope to be back trading and serving our community as soon as we can.

We are extremely grateful to Surrey Fire and Rescue and to our wonderful staff for their speedy response and actions to keep everyone safe and help save as much of the shop as possible. The fire broke out behind a neighbouring shop and has caused a significant amount of damage to the back of our shop which houses all of our fridges, freezers, production space and equipment. In addition, extensive smoke damage throughout the shop has meant that all of our stock has been lost due to contamination. The electrics, water and phone supply have also been affected.

Our extension out the back has been condemned and will need to be demolished and then rebuilt. Thankfully, the front of the shop is not structurally damaged but we will need to replace the ceiling and all of the equipment including the meat counter.

Robin has put his heart and soul into Effingham and this whole experience has been absolutely heartbreaking for everyone at Bevan’s. Given the current public health crisis as well as the fire all of our staff have been incredible and have taken this unprecedented situation in their stride.

We’ve had so many messages of support from the local community and from customers that shop at our other branches so I just wanted to say quick thank you to everyone that has taken the time to message us and we hope to be back up and running again very soon!

In the meantime, our staff from Effingham have been redeployed to our other branches at Esher, Kingston and Bagshot all of which remain open. So, if you’re able to safely get there within the lockdown restrictions please do visit as I am sure the boys from Effingham would love to see a friendly face.